Volume 05 - Issue 07

Paper Title :: Sustainability thought 164: How to link the general market structure-population dynamics-system stability framework to the concepts of optimal pricing, of distorted market pricing and of the most distorted market price?
Author Name :: Lucio Muñoz
Country :: Canada
Page Number :: 01-08
The general market structure-population dynamics-system stability framework tells us that the nature of the market price determines the nature of the impact on system stability that consumption and production dynamics and population dynamics can have, via no overshoot or via overshoot. As the nature of the market price can be positive or negative in terms of system stability impacts depending on whether or not all cost associated with the business activity are reflected in the pricing mechanism, then positive impacts can be associated with full optimal market pricing where all cost associated with economic activity are accounted for, and negative impacts can be linked to distorted market pricing as not all cost associated with business activity are accounted for as some costs are assumed away or are assumed irrelevant. And hence, the most distorted market price possible would lead to the most distorted consumption, production, and population dynamics affecting system stability negatively at the extreme. In other words, optimal market pricing leads to positive system stability impacts dynamics in terms of consumption and production dynamics and population dynamics while distorted market pricing encourage negative system stability impacts in terms of production and consumption dynamics and population dynamics. And this raises relevant questions like How to link the general market structure-population dynamics-system stability framework to the concepts of optimal pricing, of distorted market pricing and of the most distorted market price? What are the main implications of doing this? Among the goals of this paper is to provide answers to the questions listed above.
Keywords: Market structure, market price, production, consumption, population dynamics, overshoot, no overshoot, system stability, climate change, responsible behavior, irresponsible behavior, optimal market price, distorted market price, optimal consumption, distorted consumption, optimal production, distorted production, optimal population, distorted population, optimal system stability impact, distorted system stability impact
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Paper Title :: Neural Chip Technologies in Brain and Body Maintenance - The Prospects of Artificial Intelligence Impacts on Future Business and Life Trends
Author Name :: Ziad Hamdan
Country :: Malaysia
Page Number :: 09-12
The advent of the 21st Century has witnessed the two most influential revolutions ever happened in human history: the 1st Information and the Fourth Industrial Revolutions. However, the 1st Information onset has powered itself due to the speedy "microchip" developments to produce new internal branching info revolutions such as the "Internet of Things (IoT)," which is now called the "AI Invasion" [1]. Thus, Human knowledge doubled every 1000 or 500 years in the BCE written era receded to reach 2021 to upturn within 1-2 hours [2] fully.
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Paper Title :: Learning the dance “Enteka” in the context of a holistic teaching program
Author Name :: Topatsi, A. || Kateris, K. || Filippou, F. || Bebetsos, E. || Derri, V.
Country :: Greece
Page Number :: 13-19
The Greek traditional dance is characterized as a socio-cultural phenomenon inextricably linked to individual elements of Folk Culture. This particular thesis reflects the complex character of Greek dance and sets the fundamental principles for the design of new teaching approaches. The purpose of this research was to compare two teaching approaches, holistic and typical teaching, in the learning of the dance "Enteka". In the survey participated 105 students of 6th grade from six Primary Schools. The experimental group followed the holistic teaching approach and the control group followed the typical suggested teaching from the Physical Education Teacher’s Book for the 5th and 6th grade. The intervention program, which was carried out in the context of a doctoral research, lasted 6 weeks and took place in Physical Education courses. For the evaluation of the kinetic part was used the "Scale Classified Criteria (rubric) for the Evaluation of Greek Traditional Dance" and for the theoretical part was constructed an evaluation criterion. From the analysis of variance with repeated measures, in the kinetic part wasn’t observed any statistically significant interaction between group and measurement, while in the theoretical part was found a statistically significant interaction between the two factors with retention of learning in the experimental group. Therefore, the holistic approach of teaching can be an equally effective way of learning Greek traditional dance based on the relationship between the whole and the part, aiming at a wider range of Folk Culture approach and with the basic principle of linking experience with learning.
Keywords: Greek traditional dance, teaching, holistic approach, Physical Education.
[1] Arapitsa, V. (2014). The effect of an interdisciplinary program of traditional dances on the development of dance skills and motivation of secondary school students. Unpublished Master's Thesis, Democritus University of Thrace, Komotini, Greece.
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Paper Title :: Organizational Structure of Missing Autonomous Council in Assam: Need to Reform in Present Context
Author Name :: Mr. Probin Doley
Country :: India
Page Number :: 20-24
It intends to focus about the Mising Autonomous Council guide the 'Mising community known as 'Miris' aboriginal inhabitants in the North and South banks of the Brahmaputra, i.e., in Dhemaji, Lakhimpur, Sonitpur, Tinsukia. Dibrugarh. Sibsagar, Golaghat and Jorhat districts of Assam, and a sizable number of the entire populace still dwelling in East Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh. The socio-economic and political history shows them as an agro-based community in consisting with fisherman in the forest and sub-mars area. They have been transmitted down from generation to generation through their collective racial memory. However, the first part will discuss about the diverse genres of such narratives the folksongs of the tribe can be considered as both representation and perpetuation of their unique cultural worldview and ethnic identity that have been conditioned since the past and nurtured till the present. Like other archetypal parallels, their folksongs too record both individual as well as collective bitter-sweet past experiences through racial reminiscence and collective social responsibility, which function as a dynamic force for perpetuation of their rich vibrant cultural legacy will focus in second and in third shows etiological narrative to pertaining to the cosmogony and origin myths of the race as recounted through prophetic shamanistic to the fun and frolic of common men and women. All their folksongs endeavor to capture the joys and sorrows, loss and bereavement aspirations and disappointments, triumphs and tribulations the community shares alike though the kaleidoscope of their cultural store. The last part will consist with new conclusions those are drawn at the end.
Keywords: Polity and policy formation, power organization & development at all sectors etc.
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Paper Title :: Learning by playing through KneoWorld's teaching method
Author Name :: Deyby Espinosa || Di Kellett || Damian O'Sullivan || Denine Jimmerson || María Leandri
Country :: US
Page Number :: 25-32
Play can be considered as one of the most important pedagogical strategies in the teaching-learning process, especially in the infant stage. For this reason, the KneoWorld educational programme considers play as a necessary pedagogical practice in the teaching-learning process, as it stimulates learning, memory and creativity in an easy way. In addition, this strategy promotes reading, mathematics, STEM, social and emotional learning from Pre-Kindergarten to sixth grade in the USA and around the world.
This article recounts the educational experience, benefits and competencies achieved by the KneoWorld Programme through the implementation of play as a pedagogical strategy in children's learning.
Keywords: The game, KneoWorld Educational Programme, Learning, Story-based learning
[1]. Cuellar, M. Tenreyro, M. & Castellón, G. (2018). El JUEGO EN LA EDUCACIÓN PREESCOLAR: FUNDAMENTOS HISTÓRICOS. Conrado, 14(62), 117-123.
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Paper Title :: Difference in Ecosystem Learning Outcomes with learning models Quantum Teaching and Conventional in Elementary School
Author Name :: Ronauli Hutagalung || Agung Purwanto || Robinson situmorang
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 33-36
This study aims to determine whether there is a difference between Ecosystem Learning Outcomes and Quantum Teaching and Conventional learning models in Primary Schools The method used in this study is quantitative with an experimental approach. Respondents in this study were class V A students as the experimental class and class V B as the control class. The results of this study indicate that the Quantum Teaching learning model is superior because the Quantum Teaching Model is a learning model that involves students actively and creatively in using their ability to logically analyze the material being studied. Because, in this learning model students are guided to discover for themselves what they have learned and what they will get through the stages described in the Quantum Teaching model design framework.
Keywords: Learning Outcomes, Quantum Teaching, Conventional
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Paper Title :: Sustainability thought 169: Does defining sustainability as sustainable development requires alternative academic facts? If Yes, what is the nature of these alternative academic facts?
Author Name :: Lucio Muñoz
Country :: Canada
Page Number :: 37-43
If we have two different models, model K and model L, then the model inconsistency principle tells us that the nature of model K is inconsistent with the nature of model L; and the theory-practice consistency principle indicates that the theory supporting model K is inconsistent with the practice supporting model L; and that the theory supporting model L is inconsistent with the practice supporting model K. Hence, it would scientifically impossible to define model K as model K or define model L as model K.
Yet in the case of different models, the sustainability model and the sustainable development model, development stakeholders like the UN have no problem defining sustainability as sustainable development, a science based impossibility, which raises the question: Does defining sustainability as sustainable development requires alternative academic facts? If Yes, what is the nature of these?
Keywords: Different models inconsistency principle, theory-practice consistency principle, scientific truth, alternative academic facts, science, ideology, academic blindness, willful academic blindness, sustainable development, sustainability
[1]. Muñoz, Lucio, 2003. Linking Sustainable Development Indicators by Means of Present/Absent Sustainability Theory and Indices: The Case of Agenda 21, GDS, IIG, Spain
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[4]. Muñoz, Lucio, 2020. Sustainability thoughts 101: What was wrong with the structure of Adam Smith’s traditional market model? What are the main implications of this?. Boletin CEBEM-REDESMA, Año 14, No.2, February, La Paz, Bolivia.
[5]. Smith, Adam, 1776. The Wealth of Nations, W. Strahan and T. Cadell, London, UK.

Paper Title :: Value Education in the Course of "Selected Readings of English and American Literature"
Author Name :: Du Haixia
Country :: China
Page Number :: 44-49
In addition to formal beauty and emotional power, literature also conveys ideas and values. Therefore, many scholars have begun to think about the value education of British and American literature courses, and value education has also become a hot topic of education reform in the context of China's new liberal arts era. In this context, based on years of teaching practice, the author attempts to analyze methods of value education in the course“Selected Readings of English and American Literature”, in order to explore a new path for the practice of value education in English literature.
Keywords: Selected Readings of English and American Literature; value education education; "community with a shared future for mankind"
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Author Name :: Mbaye Diop
Country :: Sénégal
Page Number :: 50-55
IUsing the work of Aminata Sow Fall, we will analyse and highlight the factors involved in the transformation of a virtuous man with an impressive cultural capital into a fearsome dictator who is reviled by the people. This research paper depicts this unfortunate transition from a bearer of hope to a despot. It also exposes the current practices of a dictatorial regime.
This article therefore looks closely at the way in which the despotic regime exercises power, as well as the consequences of these tyrannical practices, using Aminata Sow Fall’s novel as a case study.
Keywords: Dictatorship, politics, corruption, neo-colonialism, disenchantment.
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Paper Title :: Analysis of the Impact of Narcotics Abuse on Work Productivity in the Company
Author Name :: Ahmad Hunaeni Zulkarnaen || Akbar Sanjaya
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 56-61
Narcotics abuse is an act that is threatened with punishment in the form of imprisonment, fines, death, and rehabilitation. Of course, the legal consequences of criminal acts in the workplace are limited to the perpetrators, and the workplace may also be affected. So in this study, the authors are interested in analyzing whether the occurrence of narcotics abuse in the work environment can affect the work productivity of labor workers. This study analyzes the legal consequences to workers, laborers, and companies when committing narcotics abuse in the work environment. The method used in this study is a qualitative method with a normative juridical approach. This study concludes that it is found that narcotics abuse in the work environment can interfere with the work productivity of workers/laborers because, in the investigation process, the police will install a police line in the company environment so that it will disrupt the production process.
Keywords: Drugs, Workers, Crime, Productivity
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Paper Title :: Effect of Cooperative Financial Performance on Member Economic Promotion Report at Gloria Kayu Putih Savings and Loan Cooperative in Kupang City
Author Name :: Aplonia Atto || David Ranlyns Efraim Selan || Lende Dangga || Dwi Dersmi Selan
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 62-72
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of cooperative financial performance on member economic promotion reports at the Gloria Kayu Putih Savings and Loans Unit Cooperative in Kupang City. This study used quantitative method with simple linear regression analysis. The participating research samples were 25 people from members of the Gloria Kayu Putih Savings and Loans Unit Cooperative in Kupang City. Has a result of research shows that the financial performance of cooperatives has a positive and significant degree of influence on member promotion reports.
Keywords: financial performance, promotional report, economy, cooperative
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Paper Title :: Communication Patterns of Husband and Wife as Educators in Fostering a Harmonious Household in the Perspective of Islamic Education
Author Name :: Ikrami Jazmi || Munawar Rahmat || Udin Supriadi
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 73-79
Family communication is an essential thing that must be maximized in maintaining family integrity. This communication can be done through communication between husband and wife, communication between parents and children, and communication between siblings. This article aims to analyze the pattern of communication between husband and wife as educators in fostering a harmonious household in an Islamic education approach. The method used is a qualitative method with a library research approach. This article concludes that the communication pattern of husband and wife in fostering a household can be democratically through deliberation and consensus. Islam highly upholds this principle so that various problems must be resolved by deliberation and consensus, including in resolving conflicts in the family. With these principles and patterns, the family will be harmonious and happy.
Keywords: Communication, Family, Household, Harmonious, and Islamic Education.
[1]. Abraham, R. H. (2020). Pola komunikasi dalam keluarga pernikahan beda etnis Rote dan Timor di Kelurahan Naikoten Satu. Cakrawala Jurnal Penelitian Sosial, 9(2), 205–230. Retrieved from
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Paper Title :: The Role of Self-Discipline in Improving Development Student Learning
Author Name :: Petrisia Anas Waluwandja || Fransiska Petronela Manuain || Sanhedri Boimau || Yandri Susuek Ndun
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 80-85
This study aimed to determine the significant influence between self-discipline and the learning development of grade VIII students at SMP 2 (public school) Kupang City rejected and H0 was accepted, so it can be explained that the high low self-discipline does not affect the increased learning development of grade VIII students of SMP 2 (public school) Kupang City.
[1]. Alexander, F., Manuain, L.M.M., Silla, W.Y., & Dami, Z.A. (2020). Implementation of Advocacy Learning Model as A Predictor of Student’s Learning Outcomes. Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Information Technology and Education (ICITE 2020).
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Paper Title :: Using NGSS-based science and engineering practices in delivering STEM curriculum: Pedagogical approaches designed to innovate STEM education
Author Name :: Dr. Lara Nabil Abdallah
Country :: UAE
Page Number :: 86-98
This study aims to examinedifferent classroom instructional approaches designed based on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) science and engineering practices to deliver science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum. At present, educational reform of science curricula delves into integrated STEM curriculum design and instructional design. Through using a qualitative document analysis methodology approach, this study analyzes the structure of the NGSS curriculum, the effects of integrating science-engineering approaches to student learning, and different instructional strategies to deliver content. STEM education is a means to encourage students to choose science-related careers, according to the findings in this study. Moreover, increased student engagement, learning, and interest were evidenced in many studies as a result of science-engineering integration.
Keywords: Educational reform, STEM education, Engineering Design, Instructional Strategies
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Paper Title :: Issue of Banking and Critical Approach to the Payroll of State Teachers' Salaries in the City of Kamina
Author Name :: Banza Wa Ilunga Rince || Omari Muterezi Fiston
Country :: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Page Number :: 99-109
With the increase in the population in the city of Kamina and the number of public enterprises following decentralization, the impact of banks in maintaining the link between the State and its agents is now very important. Anxious to satisfy its staff, the government had adopted since 2013, the banking system.
The popular word, civil servants and state agents now receive their salaries at the bank counters. Banking has just reconciled the Congolese with their financial system, which since the night of time has been subject to criticism.
The objective of this study is to diagnose the management of the banking system and then its application on the one hand, and the role that it plays on the life of the beneficiary population in the province of HAUT LOMAMI and on the other hand Determine the reasons for the persistence or even increase in pay balances resulting from banking
Key words: Diagnosis; banking; payroll, Teachers' Salaries »
[1]. ACB, rapport du protocole d’accord entre le gouvernement et les banques commerciales, Kinshasa 2013.
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Paper Title :: Reconciliating The Border: Looking Further the ASEAN’s Commitment to Addressing the Refugee Issue in the Region, The Case of Rohingya
Author Name :: Aliyah Almas Sa’adah
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 86-91
Enforced displacement has always become the consequences of civil conflict, war, and natural disaster. The influx of refugee comes as the consequences of war or internal conflict. The prolonged civil-military conflict in Rakhine State, Myanmar victimized Rohingya and forced them flew across nation to seek asylum. Most of Rohingyas hosted by Bangladesh, and predominantly three southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. As the continuous conflict and Rohingya’s intractable state of limbo, many parties started to urge ASEAN to provide protection mechanism and durable solution addressing the crisis. ASEAN as the regional body who has a responsibility to protect regional stability faced a critical challenge as its inability to provide a protection toward Rohingyas. Using the non-interference principle, this regional body remains silent and gives back Rohingya crisis as Myanmar internal affairs. However, ASEAN needs to play an important role and strain action against Myanmar as this “internal affairs” has affecting the member states, neighbor countries, and international community.
Key words: Refugee, Rohingya Crisis, Myanmar, ASEAN, Forced Migration
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