Volume 05 - Issue 03

Paper Title :: The Impact of Covid-19 on Academic Activities A Case Study of College of Education, Agbor Delta State
Author Name :: Dr Helen .I. Ajudeonu
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 01-07
The Coronavirus epidemic which started in the city of Wuhan, China later named COVID-19 pandemic had significant impact on the world education all over. The COVID-19 heralded the lockdown and closure of all educational institution in Nigeria. This study investigated the impact of COVID-19 on the academic activities of College of Education, Agbor, Delta state of Nigeria. The population of the study comprised of all students of the college. A sample of one hundred and twenty students, were used for the study with twenty-four students selected from each of the five schools in the college. Four research questions guided the study. Simple percentage was used for data analysis. The findings revealed that COVID-19 affected the academic activities of the college which led to the closure of physical face-face teaching and learning. There were changes in the methods of teaching and learning. The academic school calendar was altered in the 2020/2021 academic session. Therefore, it is recommended that there should be proper virtual learning environment in the college through adopting accessibility to internet and availability of appropriate ICT tools. Adequate training should be given to both teacher and learner on the use of ICT teaching and learning devices.
Keywords: COVID-19, Academic Activities, College of Education Agbor, Pandemic.
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Paper Title :: The Political Regime in Ecuador: Contextualization from the Political Constitution of 2008
Author Name :: Johnson Marcelo Folleco Chalá, Mónica Alejandra Legarda Sevilla
Country :: Ecuador
Page Number :: 08-25
This document contains a description of the political regime, the different forms of government, the contextualization of the parliamentary regimes, presidentialism, semi-presidentialism and the analysis of presidentialism and hyper-presidentialism in Ecuador, emphasizing: The functions of the State and institutions created from of the Constitution of 2008, the Code of Democracy and the Organic Code of Territorial Organization, Autonomy and Decentralization; the organizations and processes and authorities responsible for decisions; the electoral processes to date, especially those that marked milestones in the ten years of political instability, emphasizing the situations of power crises in the executive function with the fall of presidents and successions by the vice-presidents of the republic, which They resulted from inter-party alliances for the creation of electoral formulas and the election of the president and vice-president of the republic. In the same way, the vertical division of power is addressed, based on the institutionalization of subnational governments. Through comparative analysis, it is intended to determine to what extent the theoretical and conceptual guidelines are applied and the effects generated in the political system in accordance with its institutionalization in the Political Constitution of 2008.
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Paper Title :: The Lived Experience of a Filipino Teenage Mother
Author Name :: Abraham D. Cacay
Country :: Philippines
Page Number :: 26-32
The momentous event of a woman’s life is to become a mother, but the experience differs from a teenager while enrolled in high school. This case study sought to contribute to research that sought to understand the experience of an adolescent mother. This research aimed to understand the motherhood experience while learning a teenage student at San Felipe High School, San Manuel, Tarlac, Philippines. This study is qualitative and employed semi-structured interviews, field notes, and observation as data-gathering instruments. Interviews were manually recorded, transcribed, and data were analyzed using thematic content analysis. The participant of this research was one of the students of the researcher at San Felipe High School in the school year 2019-2020. The respondent juggled between the responsibilities of being a mother and a student. She received help from her family to study, but sometimes she chooses to be a mother than a student. The participant reflects on the lives of other teenage mothers, making her decide to finish high school to establish a good family in the future.
Keywords: Teenage Mother, Lived Experience, Filipino, San Felipe High School, Philippines.
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Paper Title :: Challenges of Online Teaching and Learning in the Crisis of Covid 19 in Lupane Rural Schools in Matabeleland North in Zimbabwe
Author Name :: Elphina Mhlanga || Faith Nomathemba Tlou || Zibulo Sibanda
Country :: Zimbabwe
Page Number :: 33-40
Online learning and teaching during COVID 19 lock-downs and the restrictions that accompanied learning programmes in Lupane rural schools was a challenge. Only learners from the elite, mostly urban families were accessing education leaving the poor disadvantaged mostly rural school learners behind because of lack of ICT facilities. The purpose of this study was to establish why online teaching and learning was a challenge in the light of the COVID 19 restrictions. Its ultimate aim was to reveal the need for equity in online teaching and learning to all learners despite their geographic location. Equity theory underpinned the study as it addressed equality in education issues. This study adopted a qualitative approach and a case study design. In-depth structured interviews and virtual focus group discussions were used to collect data from purposively sampled participants which was thematically analysed. The study revealed that there was lack of electricity, computer facilities and gadgets, as well lack of connectivity in most rural areas. It concluded that there was no equity in education in Zimbabwe during this period as the impoverished learners were not learning. The study recommended that there was need for the Government to provide access to learning through availing funds for educational resources and that the Non-Governmental sector could assist the less privileged in acquiring computer gadgets for online learning.
Keywords: Covid 19 restrictions, disadvantaged rural learners, teaching and learning, equity,
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Paper Title :: Dreamtime: a Leitmotif in Australian Literature
Author Name :: Rumela Ghosh
Country :: India
Page Number :: 41-46
The attachment to a particular area of land by the Aborigines was based on their Dreamtime beliefs — that the land had been created for them by Ancestral Spirits who continue to live in it. This was a superstitious belief, but it was very important to the Aborigines. Through analysis, I would depict in my write up that this superstition influenced the Aborigines not only in the early ages but it continues till date and I would like to illustrate on this aspect through its reflection in literature. This may very well be explained from a post-colonial point-of-view but I insist that the voicing against repression by the Aborigines and their claim for land rights, basically arise from a strong sense of owning land which had been instilled into them through their Dreaming and Dreamtime beliefs. This sense of dislocation gradually gave way to their (post-colonial) feeling of uprootedness.
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Author Name :: Camila Andrea Hurtado Mayorga || Lilian Daniela Monsalvo Cogua || Yuly Carolina Bayona Rodríguez || Guillermo Antonio Ariza Rua || Laura Eunice Cuberos Obando
Country :: Colombia
Page Number :: 47-52
Based on the results obtained in an exploratory observation practice, it was possible to establish that the children of group C first of the Jean Fritz Piaget Bilingual School, located in the municipality of Soacha, according to their age, have not given rise to development of the basic autonomy necessary for success in the pedagogical processes of teaching, learning and evaluation. The research has made it possible to identify that a large part of these difficulties is related to communication between the family and the school. Then, from a descriptive-qualitative proposal, it is intended to analyze the incidence of the processes of family co-responsibility in the development of autonomy by the children of grade 1 -C of the Jean Fritz Piaget Bilingual School. Currently, the research has made significant progress in the foundation of the proposal, managing to demonstrate, theoretically and conceptually, the importance of the co-responsibility of parents and guardians in pedagogical processes (teaching, learning and evaluation) in the context of early childhood education. Similarly, some elements and principles of this process are identified, in the specific context of the educational institution in which the research is carried out. What is expected is that the importance of the development and strengthening of autonomy in the childhood stage is understood as one of the pillars of comprehensive training. For this reason, the goal of the research work is the design of a pedagogical approach aimed at parents and guardians of grade 1 -C of the Jean Fritz Piaget Bilingual School, in relation to co-responsibility in early childhood education for the development of autonomy.
Keywords: Autonomy, Co-responsibility, School, Family, Childhood, Pedagogical Processes.
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Paper Title :: Innovation in Education: Transforming a School into Sustainable, through the design and implementation of an innovative program in three areas of action
Author Name :: Tallou Konstantina
Country :: Greece
Page Number :: 53-60
This paper presents in detail the introduction of sustainability in our Kindergarten. The innovation of the project lies in the fact that the students are not just recipients of the various issues, situations, problems of the school but they themselves act and set their group identity and conscience for a better, innovative, sustainable school.The essence of the program was the involvement of students in sustainable development, through their student life. Our goal was to create a sustainable school, a social, innovative school in practice, a school open to society, as children dream, and teachers want it. During the program many activities were carried out that fall into all the pillars of sustainability. We evaluated and disseminated the program to the community, gaining benefits for students, teachers, the school, and the local community.
Keywords: Innovation in Education, sustainable school, innovation design, innovative school, sustainability indicators
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Paper Title :: The Human Rights Violation during Jokowi’s Administration: a Critical Discourse Analysis of Mahfud Md’s Utterances
Author Name :: Yanuanita Widiyaningrum
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 61-65
This study aimed to analyze the controversial utterances from Mahfud MD regarding the absence of human rights violations during Jokowi‟s administration. This study included in the descriptive qualitative study and applied the Van Dijk‟s (2004) theory of Critical Discourse Analysis which focused on macro strategies (self-positive representation and other-negative representation) to appraise the stance of the power elite. The data were collected from CNN news on 14 December 2019 through documentation. The results revealed that the strategies used by Mahfud MD were self-positive representation, other-negative representation, and lexicalization
Keywords: Critical Discourse Analysis, Political Discourse, Human Rights, Mahfud MD
[1] Astuti, A., A. (2011). Analisis Wacana Van Dijk terhadap Berita “Sebuah Kegilaan di Simpang Kraft” pada Majalah Pantau. Skripsi. Universitas Islam negeri Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta.
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Paper Title :: Research on the Impact of International Trade in Burkina Faso’s Economic Growth
Author Name :: Alida Hortense Nadege Yolande Tengwende Yougbare
Country :: China
Page Number :: 66-74
The development of economic globalization is increasingly affecting the countries of the world, thus promoting the rapid increase in external trade that contributes to the construction and development of the National Economy. Foreign trade is an important element of a national economy, which is an important motive power for national economic growth. This is how the liberalization of external trade, the structural reforms, and the increased effects of macroeconomic stabilization have contributed to an improvement in the economic environment of Burkina Faso and has economic performance. Burkina Faso exports mainly cotton,it is currently the third African cotton producer after Benin and Ivory coast, gold, sesame, and cashew nut. The study establishes an economic model that offers a deeper understanding of the relationship between international exchange and the economic growth of the Burkinabe economy.
We will use the technique of simulation of co-integration and error correction to estimate the various results. Our study will be focused on the period from 2001 to 2020 with key variables GDP as an indicator of economic growth and commercial variables, including the export and import of cotton and gold and exchange rates and inflation rate. All estimation processes consist of five steps: first root unit test, second, co-integration test, third, causality of the Granger, and Fourth Stability Model, Var Stability.
The conclusions of the study indicate that there is a positive and meaningful relationship between cotton export as well as that of Gold on Burkina Economic Growth (GDP). There is also a positive and meaningful relationship between the exchange rate and economic growth. By lesson, we note that imports and the rate of inflation have a negative impact on the country's economic growth. In addition, it has been observed that cotton and gold have a long-term effect on global imports of GDP, unlike the exchange rate and inflation. It can be concluded that the export of commodities stimulates the country's overall economic growth. It is recommended to take steps to reduce imports to verify inflation and higher exchange rates. In addition, the government should adopt measures to improve local productions reducing deficits and therefore encouraging exporting other products.
Keywords: Impact, Import, Export, Economic Growth, Burkina Faso
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Paper Title :: Analysis of the Intention of Gricean Maxim’s Violation in Joko Widodo-Bbc’s Exclusive Interview
Author Name :: Sri Astuti || Kastam Syamsi
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 75-82
The present chapter provides the intention or the function of Gricean Maxim‟s violation in one of exclusive interview between the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo with BBC Indonesia: Harapanwargaterlalutinggi. The BBC‟s, Yalda Hakim‟s conversation with Joko Widodo was taken in his hometown, Solo, Central Java. In this study, kinds of Gricean maxim are found and analyzed based on the types of violation. After that, the function of the violation would be elucidated. This study quest actually aims to answer two research questions: (1) What kind of Gricean Maxim exist including the maxim‟s violation in Jokowi-BBC‟s exclusive interview? and (2) What the intention of violating Gricean Maxim in Jokowi-BBC‟s exclusive interview? The researcher applied the theory by Grice (1975) which outlines the four maxims. The maxims are established, and descriptive qualitative approach design was applied for this study with one of exclusive interview between the President of Indonesia, JokoWidodo and BBC Indonesia was taken as the subject of this research
Keywords: Gricean maxim, violation, jokowi‟s interview
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Paper Title :: Heart Rate reacts to the Perception of Musical Pulse: A Comparison of High and Low Sensation Seekers
Author Name :: Christian Mikutta || Anina Deborah Tereh || Simon Schwab || Werner K. Strik || Andreas Altorfer
Country :: Switzerland
Page Number :: 83-93
The search for new thrilling experiences is summarized in the concept of „Sensation Seeking”, which connects a baseline in arousal with stimulus-dependent changes. The arousing situation is a necessary prerequisite for the physiological reactivity. In connection with music, it is assumed that variations in the rhythmical performance provoke different forms of arousal in „high sensation seekers“ (HSS) compared to „low sensation seekers“ (LSS). To test this hypothesis, 40 subjects were screened for their level of sensation seeking and grouped into „high“, „low“, and “Median” sensations seekers. Two versions of Beethoven‟s „Elise“ were presented (one synthesized in absolute regular pulse, the other one with rhythmical variations). Electrocardiogram (ECG) was recorded and analyzed (heart rate [HR]). Connections between rhythmical variations and cardiovascular variables were evaluated using ANOVAs, Pearson correlations, and wavelet-based Semblance analysis. Using the highly sensitive semblance analysis, it can be shown, that low sensation seekers present stimulus-dependent correlations between rhythmic structure and HR changes (r= .5 - .9), whereas high sensation seekers displayed no differences in HR reaction. The correlation between rhythmic changes in the music and HR point out the relevance of the music time domain for eliciting emotions.
Running head: Heart rate, music & sensation seekers
Keywords: Heart Rate, Music, Rhythm, Sensation Seeking, Emotion
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Paper Title :: Effect of Chinese Investment in Djibouti Economic Development for current situation and future Outlook
Author Name :: Hodan Ali Elmi
Country :: China
Page Number :: 94-104
Abstract In over the last decades, China has become a key player in global investment, particularly in African nations. Since 2016, China has been Africa‘s primary source of investment (Wu and Bai, 2017).. A part of the literature on Chinese investments in infrastructure in Africa argues that these investments are averse to the environment, local employment, and the dissemination of technology. This thesis contributes to this debate by exploring the question: what are some of the effects of Chinese infrastructure investments in Africa in terms of the environment and use of local natural resources, local hiring, and technology transfers? The analysis of the Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway in Ethiopia, Djibouti studies shows that, to this date, these projects (1) do not seem to have had negative effects on the environment, and, in fact, have the potential to make a positive environmental impact by reducing land use and air pollution, (2) do not appear to have exploited local natural resources, (3) employed African workers during their construction, operations, and maintenance, and (4) fostered technology transfers by training local workers and planning to hand back operations to locals. Based on this analysis, this thesis argues for the importance of case-by-case evaluations and a more nuanced understanding of Chinese infrastructure investments in Africa. The Chinese approach was been to downplay political issues (e.g., human rights). Although recipient Djibouti has received investment inflows, they have come with certain drawbacks. For instance, they have negatively impacted local trade and commerce. Also, in some cases African labour has not benefited from Chinese investment.
Keywords: China, investment, Africa, Djibouti, economy, impact.
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Paper Title :: Fuzzy PI Based Motor Speed Control using DSP TMS320F2812
Author Name :: Doris Chasokela
Country :: Zimbabwe
Page Number :: 105-119
Alternating Current (AC) induction machine plays an important role in the entire industry and daily life. This is due to their robustness, inexpensive and easy to maintain in a period of time. Vector control is used in large numbers in the speed control of AC induction machine. High dynamic performance high speed precision and wide constant torque range capabilities are the key benefits of vector control. Stability of the system during transient process and a wide range of operation are assured through the application of vector control.
The purpose of this thesis is to study the vector control of AC induction machine based on the principles of the AC speed control system, vector control and fuzzy Proportional integral (PI) control, and implementing the digital vector control systems based on the digital signal processor (Digital Signal Processor - DSP TMS320F2812) from Texas Instruments. The mathematical modeling of the AC induction motor and the principles of vector control and fuzzy systems are overviewed first. Fuzzy PI regulator is then proposed to carry out the regulation of the motor speed. The fuzzy PI is an intelligent technique that has evolved in the last decades and it emulates the human way of thinking. Therefore the fuzzy PI does not need the exact mathematical model. In-depth study of fuzzy PI and the normal PI was carried out. Matlab/Simulink software is used to simulate the vector control of the AC induction motor with both fuzzy PI regulator and normal PI regulator for comparative purposes. Simulation results showed that fuzzy PI has a better performance in terms of stability, faster response and robustness, and the fluctuation ripples are also smaller. Experiments had been done on the laboratory platform of AC drive system with the help of AC speed control monitor program designed in Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench (LabVIEW) under variable operating conditions. The experimental waveforms were captured using the LabVIEW monitoring software. In order to carry out real time implementation, Code Composer Studio and SEEDXDS510plus Emulator are adopted to programming and testing with the DSP TMS320F2812. Experiments results show that the fuzzy PI regulator performs better than normal PI regulator, as fuzzy PI regulator indicates better waveforms of torque and speed responses during acceleration and deceleration, especially when the motor is operating on lower speeds.
Keywords: Fuzzy logic; Induction motor; Vector control; LabVIEW; DSP
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Paper Title :: ‘Ala Turka’ National and Ethnic Music and dance representations in YouTube
Author Name :: Christos Papakostas
Country :: Greece
Page Number :: 120-130
The new technologies have changed dramatically human society, culture and communication. New phenomena appear and the new reality is a challenge on many levels. The mass expansion of the Internet, since the early 1990s, has brought new circumstances at the economic, social, and cultural level, as well as new forms of behaviour and expression. Primary aim of the present research is to contribute to the study of the central subject of the present volume, namely the relation between folk cultures in Greece and Turkey. The choice is not accidental. The national discourses on both sides and the representations of folk culture in the two neighbouring countries appear to be rather fluid and contradictory. Sometimes they project a sense of cultural affinity and proximity, while other times they are developed around a rigid and highly confrontational rhetoric. Certainly, however, this picture depends on the coincidence of cultural and historical circumstances each time. Reasonably, this deliberation raises further questions concerning the role of technology in shaping new forms of communication between ethnic and national discourses, individual and collective convictions about the familiar and the neighboring folk culture. For this reason, we examine the new phenomenon that appears through the transmission, broadcasting, commentary, and production on YouTube of amateur videos whose basic subject is folk performing arts (music and dance). And furthermore, through the complex procedures identified in the framework of YouTube: a. what are the new dimensions taken on by Greek and Turkish music and dance? b. and, in a more general framework.
Keywords: Greek folk music, Greek folk dance, Turkish folk music, Foklore, digital folkore, youtube
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Paper Title :: Environmental Education. Social representations of teachers
Author Name :: Rochin Berumen Fabiola Lydie || Correa Aguado Paola Isaira || Madera Cosio Marisol
Country :: México
Page Number :: 131-140
The purpose of this research is to know the social representations about environmental education that teachers of the primary "Gral. Enrique Estrada" located in the capital of the state of Zacatecas have; it is about understanding the way in which teachers give meaning and meaning to environmental education and with this analyze the ways in which these representations are applied in the educational field. It starts from the question: what are the social representations of environmental education that the teachers of the primary "Gral. Enrique Estrada" have? It is intended to respond from the application of a qualitative methodology with an interpretative approach, using participant observation and interviews to answer the questions. All this based on the theoretical foundation of Serge Moscovici with his theory of social representations; the contributions of Marcos Reigota and the linking of social representations and environmental education; and María Novo with her contributions to environmental education.
Keywords: Environmental education, social representations, teachers.
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Paper Title :: Architecture of Emptiness in “Favelas”: Green Walls and Indigenous Graphism at MACquinho | Morro do Palácio, Brazil
Author Name :: Dinah Tereza Papi de GUIMARAENS || Valeria Lins do Rego VERAS || Samira Alves dos SANTOS || Ray Fleury Antoine AMOUVI || Wellington Silva GOMES
Country :: Brazil
Page Number :: 146-152
The transcultural logics defines the transformations that occur in the friction of distinct cultures. The academic knowledge in architecture and urbanism turns to a discussion in the field of anthropology and digital technologies, aiming at finding viable solutions to the current impasse of Brazilian megacities relating the occupation of public spaces that indicate the quality of urban life.
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