Volume 06 - Issue 12

Paper Title :: Creating a Positive and Productive Research Culture: Through Comprehensive Collaborations
Author Name :: Daya Singh Sandhu || Jeffrey Crane
Country :: USA
Page Number :: 01-10
This article focuses on the needs and significance of research in professional counseling to advance the newly emerging profession of counseling to specifically help counselor educators enhance their rigorous research scholarship and publications. One of this article's major and rare highlights is emphasizing strategies for creating a positive and productive research culture through comprehensive collaborations and new initiatives. Both theoretical and practical aspects and components of rigorous research scholarship of counselor education are presented in this article.
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Paper Title :: The Impact of Social Media on Language Acquisition: Case Study of English as a Foreign Language
Author Name :: William Nzitubundi Sendihe
Country :: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Page Number :: 11-29
The present research article deals with the impact of social media on language acquisition: case study of English as a foreign language. This paper gives information about social media and language acquisition, especially English language. It also shows the evolution of social media from its very beginning to the present days and the usefulness of the four language learning skills.
The work has pointed out a number of advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a new language through social media by using computers and smart phones. Internet applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Youtube, Facebook, etc. have helped learners and teachers to learn English smoothly and develop the four language learning skills. In this paper, we have shown how one can learn or teach a new language, more particularly the English language, through social media.
Keywords: Social media, language learning, language acquisition, learners.
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Paper Title :: A Study of the Reasons Why African Nations are Choosing to Adopt English as Their Official Language. A View of its Implications towards Conflicts of Interest and Disappointment with the Former Colonial Language
Author Name :: William Nzitubundi Sendihe || Augustin Ntahondi Habyarimana
Country :: Democratic Republic of the Congo
Page Number :: 30-38
This article is entitled ―A Study of the Reasons Why African Nations are Choosing to Adopt English as Their Official Language. A View of its Implications towards Conflicts of Interest and Disappointment with the Former Colonial Language‖. It highlights the way English is on the rise across Africa, and how a number of people, especially those in economic and social power, assert that this is a positive sign of development. As a matter of fact, English is a fast developing language in such a way that even in Africa, a growing number of French speaking countries are deciding to reject their former colonial language in order to adopt English as their official language.
Therefore, this article analyses a number of reasons behind such a decision taken by those African countries and presents a view of its implications towards conflicts of interest and disappointment with the former colonial language.
Keywords: Official language, adopt, development, African countries.
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Paper Title :: Dual Coding Research and Recommendations for Teaching Language Learners
Author Name :: Merrilee Brinegar
Country :: South Korea
Page Number :: 39-42
This article overviews the main concepts of dual coding theory, followed by an overview of some recent research pertaining to language learning in support of a dual coding approach. Thereafter, recommendations are made for language teacher to implement in their teaching, followed by a checklist for use when lesson planning.
Keywords: dual coding theory, dual code approach, language learning
[1] Andrä, C., Mathias, B., Schwager, A., Macedonia, M., & von Kriegstein, K. (2020). Learning foreign language vocabulary with gestures and pictures enhances vocabulary memory for several months post-learning in eight-year-old school children. Educational Psychology Review, 32(3), 815-850.
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Paper Title :: Research on the Impact of Career Guidance Courses on Students’ Learning Initiative
Author Name :: Luo Yuxia || Xu Liyu || Wang Jing || Huang Qiushi
Country :: China
Page Number :: 43-48
The establishment of career guidance courses can not only enable students to have a certain understanding of their career directions and goals, but also promote students' learning enthusiasm. Therefore, in recent years, the establishment of career guidance courses has received more and more attention in colleges and universities. Pay attention to. This article puts forward three hypotheses on how to reasonably guide students in career guidance courses: conducting career guidance courses has a positive impact on students' learning initiative; teaching methods have a positive impact on students' learning initiative; and practice opportunities have a positive impact on students' learning initiative. has a positive impact on learning initiative. This article briefly discusses how to make students more proactive during their four-year university study career.
Keywords: employment courses, students, learning, initiative
[1]. Liu Jianmin. (2023). Analysis of talent training strategies in colleges and universities based on the employment status of college students. Human Resources Development (23), 37-39. doi: 10.19424/j.cnki.41-1372/d.2023.23.010.
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Paper Title :: Strategies Adopted by the Kerala Tourism Department to Rejuvenate Tourism after the Covid-19 Pandemic
Author Name :: Dr. Mumthas. S
Country :: India
Page Number :: 49-51
Tourism industry is the world first service industry providing 10 percentage job opportunities out of the total employment, contribute to 10.3 percentage of global GDP in 2019. The pandemic covid -19 leads to tourism industry to a loss of jobs and revenue during 2020 and 2021. Meanwhile it has the synergy to revive and recover all the losses and it has the power to regain. Kerala Government also implement many policies to attract domestic and international tourists in Kerala. It includes eco-tourism, night life tourism, destination project, STREET project, safe food zone project, etc. Kerala included in the New York Times Report, which states that Kerala obtains 52nd place to the places to visit in the world. Responsible tourism in the kumarakam, maravanthuruth, and wykkam makes Kerala tourism to achieve this fame.
Keywords: GDP, STREET, night life tourism, destination project, safe food zone.
[1]. Singh, Ratandeep. (2004), Tourism marketing Principles, Policies, and Strategies: Kanishka Publishers, New Delhi.
[2]. Dr. Pathania, Kulwanth. Singh., & Dr. Kumar Arun. (2008), Tourism in India: Regal Publications, New Delhi.

Paper Title :: Parental Involvement as a Predictor of Upper Basic Education Students’ Academic Achievement in Basic Science in Enugu State
Author Name :: IKUSIKA Bamidele Adunola || OKOLI Josephine Nwanneka
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 52-59
The study investigated parental involvement as a predictor of upper basic education students’ academic achievement in basic science in Enugu state. Two research questions and two null hypotheses guided the study. The design adopted for the study was predictive correlation design. The population of the study was 6,673 JS2 students in Enugu state. The sample size for the study was 500 students drawn using multistage sampling procedure involving purposive and random sampling technique. The instrument for data collection was Parental Involvement Rating Scale (PIRS)adopted from Naseema and Gafoor (2001). The students’ achievement scores in Basic science were obtained from the teachers’ score folder. Data obtained from the study was analysed using simple and multiple linear regressions. The findings of the study revealed among others that 1.7% of the variance in achievement in Basic science was predicted by parental involvement. Also, achievement scores in Basic science was significantly predicted by parental involvement. It was recommended that parents should spend more time with the students and be involved in every aspect of their academic endeavours while providing them with necessary encouragement, emotional and physical needs.
Keywords: Involvement, Basic-Science, achievement, predictor
[1]. Agbidye, A. (2015). Challenges and prospects in the teaching of basic science at the upper basic level in Nigeria. Journal of Qualitative Education, 11(1), 1-8.
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Paper Title :: Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction of Teacher at GuangXi Polytechnic of Construction
Author Name :: Liu Hanbei || Kanokkan Kanjanarat || Sarayut Khan
Country :: Thailand
Page Number :: 60-69
This study takes the teacher group of Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction as the research object, investigates and studies the job satisfaction of teachers in the college, analyzes the relevant factors affecting the job satisfaction of teachers in the college, and based on this, proposes guidelines for improving the job satisfaction of teachers in Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction, providing relevant theoretical and data support for improving teacher management and building an excellent teaching team in the college. This study used contracted software to conduct relevant analysis on the collected survey questionnaires, including data collected from the survey questionnaire filled out by teachers from Guangxi Construction Art College. The research findings and recommendations are: increasing national policy support and financial assistance, improving salary and performance management systems, enhancing recognition of the social status of teachers, expanding opportunities for promotion and development, and striving to improve the quality of incoming students. Addressing these factors will help create a more satisfactory working environment for the teachers of the institution.
Keywords: Teachers,Job satisfaction,Guangxi Polytechnic of Construction,Two factor theory
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Paper Title :: Unemployment Rate Prediction Model Applying WEKA Technology Platform
Peru Case and Latin America Comparative
Author Name :: Wilfredo Carranza || Francisca Vera || Jorge Lira
Country :: Perú
Page Number :: 70-79
Since it is of great interest to know the macroeconomic variables that affect employability in Peru, the aim of this research was to identify and learn about a basic econometric model that allows us to explain the relationships with the unemployment rate and, subsequently, to formulate a predictive model applying Machine Learning technology, so that the machine learns and provides us with estimated values with the highest degree of assertiveness, in the short term.
Keywords: unemployment, machine learning, WEKA, data mining, data mining
[1] FLORES MAMANI, Adan Percy. Macroeconomic factors that determine unemployment in Peru, period 2001-2018.
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Paper Title :: Migration and Minorities: Dynamics, Challenges, and Opportunities
Author Name :: Dr V. Basil Hans
Country :: India
Page Number :: 80-92
Migration is an inherent aspect of human history, contributing to cultural diversity, economic development, and social transformation. This paper delves into the multifaceted intersection of migration and minorities, exploring the dynamics, challenges, and opportunities that arise when diverse populations move across geographical and cultural boundaries.
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Paper Title :: A Succinct Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility: Definition, Theory and Repercussions
Author Name :: Chi-Keung Man
Country :: UK
Page Number :: 93-133
This paper can succinctly review the last five decades most prominent and influential researches, including the examination of CSR eclectic and versatile definitions, pithy classification, conceive theories, and the impacts on various stakeholders such as corporations, employees, competitors, customers and so forth. Numerous studies examining the corporate social responsibility performance correlates with the corporate financial performance. This chapter already review prior studies last five decades and conclude that companies are highly likely better performance for socially responsible companies. While companies engaging CSR activities, companies can improve unsullied corporate reputation amongst customers, suppliers, the government, shareholders, watchdogs and others, likely influencing corporate financial current and future performance. An official document, namely annual reports, is always reviewed by auditors and filed with securities regulators but CSR reports do not, thereby valuabily examining CSR quality through assurance. This paper can facilitate regulators to consider whether mandatorily govern listed firms to rigorous disclosure CSR information to gullible public and whether further require those firms to assure or audit their CSR report so as to provide more credible information to gullible public because such disclosure can affect gauche analysts, gauche and unwary investors and other unsophisticated stakeholders‘ decision making.
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Paper Title :: Examining the effects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) on Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and Company Size (Size) as a Moderating Variable in Indonesian Banking Companies from 2019 to 2021
Author Name :: Indah Permata Dewi || M. Williams Rahaditama
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 134-144
This research aims to Examining the effects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) on Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and Company Size (Size) as a Moderating Variable in Indonesian Banking Companies from 2019 to 2021.The research sample used was 42 banking companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) from 2019 to 2021. The sampling method used purposive sampling. The analysis used in this research is multiple linear regression analysis and Moderate Regression Analysis (MRA) with a significance level of 5%, which is processed using the program Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS).The results of this research show that the variables Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) influence Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Company size (Size) can strengthen the relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) to Good Corporate Governance (GCG).
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Debt to Equity Ratio (DER), Good Corporate Governance (GCG), Company Size (Size)
[2]. L. Sa’adah and E. Sudiarto, “Pengaruh Corporate Social Responsibility terhadap Kinerja Keuangan Perusahaan dengan Ukuran Perusahaan sebagai Variabel Moderating,” Jurnal Manajemen Dirgantara, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 159–165, 2022.
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Paper Title :: Interest in Stock Investment of Generation Z in Jakarta through Technological Advances, Motivation, and Financial Literacy
Author Name :: Anisa Khaerani || Fanny Suzuda
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 145-152
This study aims to determine the influence of technological advances, motivation and financial literacy on stock investment interest of generation Z in Jakarta. Researchers used primary data obtained from distributing online questionnaires to generation Z who currently reside in Jakarta with a sample size of 100 respondents. Determination of the sample size using the Leme show formula with an error rate of 5%. Path Analysis is used to process data with Smart PLS software version 4.0. According to this research, technological advances, financial literacy, and motivation have a significant effect on stock investment interest in generation Z in Jakarta.
Keywords: Technological Advances; Financial Literacy; Motivation; Stock Investment Interest; Generation Z.
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Paper Title :: Smart Home Security: A Security System Built on the Internet of Things – IoT
Author Name :: Kelson Carvalho Santos || Wesley da Silva Guimarães || João Carlos Gonçalves
Country :: Brazil
Page Number :: 153-160
The Internet of Things (IoT) encompasses new concepts and technologies that enable the realization of a connected real-life environment where "intelligent things" interact without human intervention. This technology finds applications in various sectors, including health, agriculture, industry, and urban lighting. This study focuses on implementing IoT in residential security by developing an integrated hardware and software system. The primary purpose of this system is to enable users to monitor their residences remotely, whether from short or long distances, using a mobile device. The proposed application is designed to be a cost-effective residential security solution. It operates by issuing smartphone alerts when any movement is detected within the sensor coverage area, allowing real-time monitoring of the residence's interior through images. The tests conducted have demonstrated that the developed application successfully fulfills the objectives outlined in this study. It serves as an additional resource in the evolving field of IoT, which, despite being in its early stages, needs more practical applications that implement the concepts discussed in the literature.
Keywords: Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, IoT, Smart Home.
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Paper Title :: Religious manipulation in Arabic subtitles of English movies: The case of MBC channels
Author Name :: Abdelouahab ELBAKRI
Country :: Morocco
Page Number :: 161-171
This article aims at discussing ideological manipulation in Arabic subtitles of English movies. It provides a description of some manipulative strategies translators use in subtitles, especially in the religious context. The corpus of the material researched here is based on the Arabic subtitles of four American movies. The study is based on the work of Diaz Cintas (2004) and (2012) on ideological manipulation in Audiovisual Translation (AVT). The theory stipulates that the role of translators has moved from traditionally mere linguists to intercultural agents and mediators shaping the ideological discourse of their culture.
Keywords: AVT, Arabic subtitles, ideological manipulation, American movies
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Paper Title :: Effects of “SPOC and Flipped-classroom” Based Blended Teaching Strategy on English-Major Students’ English Language Achievements
Author Name :: Luyan Zheng || Keok Cheong Lee
Country :: Malaysia
Page Number :: 172-182
This study focused on examining the effects of a “SPOC and Flipped classroom” based blended teaching strategy on the first-year English-major students’ achievements in five English language skills comparing with that of the traditional face-to-face classroom teaching strategy. The research adopted quantitative methodology, by which the quasi-experiment was conducted within a semester in two first-year English-major undergraduate classes. Intervention of the blended teaching strategy was performed in the experimental class, while face-to-face classroom teaching strategy in the control class. Findings of students’ overall achievements showed that the blended teaching strategy based on SPOC flipped-classroom was more effective in improving students’ achievements than the face-to-face classroom teaching. Findings of students’ achievements in each of the five English language skills showed that “SPOC and Flipped” based blended teaching strategy was effective in enhancing students’ listening, reading, translating and writing, but was not effective in speaking.
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[5]. Gruba, P, Hinkelman, J. (2012). Blended Technologies in Second Language Classrooms. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Paper Title :: Effects of the Pandemic on Ecuadorian Mathematics Education. Perception of active teachers
Efectos de la Pandemia en la Educación Matemática Ecuatoriana. Percepción de profesores en activo
Author Name :: Eulalia Calle || Maríadel Carmen Bonilla-Tumialán || María M. Nascimento
Country :: Ecuador
Page Number :: 183-193
The objective of this study is to present experiences and perceptions of active mathematics teachers about the effects of the pandemic on mathematics education, with the aim of identifying categories that may emerge from this context. The teachers participated in a focus group where they explained, based on previously prepared questions, what happened in the pandemic caused by COVID-19 in Ecuador. The report developed has served to analyze results from critical mathematics, evidencing marked differences in the educational processes provided in the public and private sectors; in the urban and suburban areas. It is concluded that the pandemic made social inequality in Ecuador visible evidenced by problems of access to technology, economic and family situation, among others; highlighting the creativity and ingenuity of the teachers to not stop teaching, in addition to the positive way of seeing reality, convinced that they did a good job and that the students have learned mathematics; although they have doubts about their development in subsequent events such as entering university.
Keywords: Mathematics Education; Pandemic; Critical Mathematics.
[1]. Auccahuallpa, R., & Condori, A. P. (2023). Percepción del profesorado ecuatoriano sobre los desafíos y oportunidades de GeoGebra en la enseñanza y aprendizaje de las matemáticas durante la pandemia del Covid-19. Ecuadorian Teacher Perception on the difficulties and. IV JORNADAS ECUATORIANAS, 41.
[2]. Bernal, J., Calle, E., Mora, M., Guachún, F. (2019). Investigación en Educación Matemática, en Ecuador y la Región: Caso Universidad de Cuenca. En D. Aguilar, M. Cobos, L. Claudio, E. Campozano (Eds), La Investigación Educativa en un Mundo en Constante Transformación (pp. 53-65). Cuenca: ASEFIE.
[3]. Breda, A., Farsani, D., & Miarka, R. (2020). Political, technical and pedagogical effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Mathematics Education: an overview of Brazil, Chile and Spain. INTERMATHS, 1(1), 3-19.DOI:
[4]. Calle, E., Mora M., Jácome, M., & Breda, A. (2021). La enseñanza de las matemáticas en un curso de formación en contexto de pandemia: la percepción de futuros profesores de matemáticas de Ecuador. Cuadernos de Investigación y Formación en Educación Matemática, (20), 200-215. URL:
[5]. Calle, E. (2023). Reflexión en la formación de profesores de matemáticas de Ecuador sobre la complejidad de los objetos matemáticos a enseñar. Doctorado—Barcelona: Universitat de Barcelona, 3.

Paper Title :: Analysis and Determination of Optimum Performance Parameters for a Ten Megawatt Steam Turbine
Author Name :: EMMANUEL Emuesiri Idibie || AKPADUADO Friday John
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 194-207
In order to contribute to the development of a steam turbine locally, optimum performance parameters for a ten (10) megawatt steam turbine were analyzed for power generation in Iesus Hominum Salvator (IHS) community. Total power consumption of electrical appliances was estimated, from which future capacity projection was done for the design. A two-stage turbine with re-heater and regenerator Rankine cycle was adopted for the analysis. MATLAB code which is based on certain governing equations for estimating performance parameters based on the operating temperatures and pressures was developed. The effects of operating pressures on performance parameters were simulated and used to determine the optimum operating parameters for efficiency, steam quality and flow rate respectively using Response Surface Methodology (RSM). Results from investigation shows that efficiency and steam quality tend to increase as re-heat pressure increases, while the volume of steam required to generate 10MW decreases. Efficiency of steam tends to increase with feed water pressures while the steam quality is unaffected. Efficiency of steam tends to decrease with the steam pressure at the turbine exit while the quality of steam tends to increase. Operating pressures for optimum efficiency, flow rate and steam quality obtained using RSM are 0.82MPa, 0.85MPa and 0.47MPa while efficiency, flow rate and steam quality are 42.2%, 2.8m3/s and 90% respectively. Optimum operating parameters for efficiency and economy were successfully determined for the design of 10MW steam turbine.
Keywords: Megawatt Steam Turbine; Iesus Hominum Salvator (IHS) community; Two-Stage Turbine; Re-heater; Regenerator; Rankine Cycle; MATLAB code; Response Surface Methodology (RSM).
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Paper Title :: Understanding the Complexity of Managerial Burnout: Proposition for Empirical Research
Author Name :: Nurul Hasnie Hassiza W Hassan || Naresh Kumar Samy
Country :: Malaysia
Page Number :: 208-215
This article highlights research investigating the potential causes of job burnout among human resources leaders that need significant attention, similar to other managers and professionals across the industry. The human resource leaders, who serve as the gatekeepers of the corporate organisation's staff, play a crucial role in balancing the potential of human capital; thus, their emotional and spiritual depths are vital. Emotions play a pivotal role, and failing to regulate them effectively can frequently result in different types of outbursts, which can impact the business and its stakeholders. We evaluate emotional and spiritual intelligence and emotional labour techniques from a paradigmatic perspective to understand how various emotions manifest in the workplace and may contribute to burnout. We propose a framework highlighting the incorporation of Emotional Contagion Theory in examining the factors leading to job burnout in business organisations. According to the emotional contagion theory, studying job burnout and its contributing factors provides valuable insights into mitigating burnout and bringing out people's best potential to achieve desirable outcomes. This article has mentioned the possibilities for researchers and human resource professionals to explore various aspects of job burnout and establish connections between different factors. We aim to support future research and enhance the adaptability of organisations in understanding the intricate yet influential concepts of emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence, and emotional labour methods to reduce job-associated burnout.
Keywords: emotional intelligence, emotional labour strategies, human resources professional, job burnout, spiritual intelligenc
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Paper Title :: Lifelong Artistry: Crafts in the Daily Lives of Tribals of Jhadol, Udaipur
Author Name :: Neetu Kunwar Jodha
Country :: India
Page Number :: 216-221
The main objective of the paper is to explore the hidden art and craft in the daily lives of the Garasia and Bhil tribe of Jhadol. Various villages were visited in Jhadol of Udaipur District, local residents were interacted with, and surveys were conducted to discover skilled artisans. Their unique artistry was become acquainted with, where crafted items are effortlessly created during their leisure time without any premeditated designs or plans. It was observed that these items are easily incorporated into their daily lives as practical tools. Interestingly, nonfunctional crafted decorative items were not come across in their homes. Traditions and beliefs are integral to the lives of the tribal people, and many crafts are a living part of these traditions, such as memorial stones (hura) and masks, which will be further discussed in this paper. Beyond this, exploration revealed the pervasive use of bamboo and wood in their architectural designs and everyday objects, showcasing a deep connection between their craft and the practical aspects of their lives.
Keywords: bamboo, craft, Garasia, tribe, tradition
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[5] All images in this research paper are taken by Author.

Paper Title :: Pancasila as the Axiological Foundation of the Progressive Law Paradigm
Author Name :: Agam Ibnu Asa || Ahmad Zubaidi || Agus Wahyudi
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 222-232
This article examines Pancasila as an axiological foundation of the progressive law paradigm. The question raised in this article is about how the existence of Pancasila against the law in Indonesia? How to implement the values of Pancasila as an axiological basis of the progressive law paradigm? In this case Pancasila is the philosophy of life of the Indonesian nation as well as being the source of all sources of positive law that applies in Indonesia. This then becomes the reason that the values of Pancasila must underlie all aspects of national and state life, especially in the field of law. Progressive law became one of the paradigm models offered by Prof. SatjiptoRahardjo with his efforts to break the doctrine of positivism in practice in Indonesia. The progressive paradigm born in Indonesia certainly seeks to realize the ideals of the Indonesian nation contained in Pancasila. Therefore, there is a significant correlation related to Pancasila which contains values extracted from the soul of the Indonesian nation to be used as an axiological basis for progressive paradigms in an effort to realize substantive justice. The results of the study in this article include: (1) the existence of Pancasila in the Indonesian law system has a central position, Pancasila becomes the basic norm as a foothold in forming a constitution(2)Pancasila is the axiological foundation of the progressive law paradigm by upholding divine values, human values, and social justice values.
Keywords: Pancasila, Axiological, Progressive Law, Basic Norm.
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Paper Title :: A Paradigm of Tropical Forest Management
Author Name :: Klaus G. Hering
Country :: Brazil
Page Number :: 233-238
The regeneration of a pristine tropical forest continuously substitutes weak trees byvigorous individuals. Extracting the timber of those week trees does not endangersbiodiversity and the adaptive long run evolution of the biome. The carbon volume contained inthe extracted trunks is re-absorbed in the regeneration process. Anational Basic Rate of Forest Preservation together with a Basic Carbon Credit Value for tropical forests as an international policytool could contain greenhouse emissionsas afforded by cost requirements of CO2 absorption and carbon sinks retention. An institution with a threefold governance (forest owners, public agents and NGOs) enforces required management norms and enables the conciliation of preservation and economic feasibility.
Keywords: Regeneration, carbon sequestration, economic feasibility, institutional framework.
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Paper Title :: Using the ShopeeFood Partnership to Increase the Selling Power Scale of Malula Donut MSMEs
Author Name :: Anggraini Tri Rahmawati || Muhammad Akbar Wiratama
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 239-243
MSMEs are expected to be able to develop and are required to have more innovation so that the marketing of their products to the community can be expanded not only in one area. Currently, a new service innovation is emerging from one of the e-commerce sites, Shopee. Shopee presents a new service, namely ShopeeFood (food delivery) which helps MSMEs in conducting sales transactions and payments in cash and non-cash. The purpose of this study is to see the effect of using ShopeeFood partnerships for MSME actors, Malula Donuts until now. This research uses literature study and interviews, with the type of qualitative descriptive research. The results of this study are the many benefits and effects of ShopeeFood services for Malula Donuts MSMEs, such as increasing income for MSMEs, increasing knowledge about digital marketing strategies and so on. So it can be said that the ShopeeFood service is currently well received by MSME Malula Donuts.
Keywords: MSME's, Shopee, ShopeeFood, Selling
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