Volume 03 - Issue 09

Paper Title :: Unconscious Revelations and Dreams: An Applicational Study of Freudian Theory of Dreams
Author Name :: Sunakshi Satsangi
Country :: India
Page Number :: 01-06
Sigmund Freud was known as the „father of Psychoanalysis‟ who revolutionized the understanding of human behaviour with his Theory of Psychoanalysis. His major contribution was his book The Interpretation of Dreams in which he discussed about dreams at length. This paper tries to analyze the dream phenomenon as presented in some literary works. The paper interprets the dreams of certain characters in selected literary works according to Freud‟s Theory of Dreams.
Keywords: dreams, interpretation, literature, unconscious, wish-fulfillment.
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Paper Title :: The Alignment between Career Interests and STEM Careers of Secondary School Students
Author Name :: Tee Yin Ai || Mohd Izwan Bin Mahmud
Country :: Malaysia
Page Number :: 07-11
Satisfaction in choosing a career is important and could be achieved when a person chooses his career in line with the personality and environment. This would usually create a strong job orientation. This study aims to identify the STEM career interest tendency of form two students and measure the relationship between career interests and STEM careers. This study used a survey design. A total of 53 form two students were involved as study respondents consisted of 14 males and 39 females. The instrument used was Career Exploration, adapted from the Self-Directed Search (SDS) test. Data were analysed descriptively and inferentially using SPSS Windows version 23.0. The findings of the study showed that Holland‟s three-point codes (Holland, 1989) for STEM careers were Social, Investigative, and Realistic (S-I-R). Most STEM interests fit the People-Things dimension. However, Chi-squared test showed significant misalignment between STEM careers and career interests (X2 (5) = 10.87, p>.05). Researchers suggested that career counsellors assess the importance of career interests in explaining and describing STEM careers. Future studies should emphasize on identifying the personalities and career interests of students before being employed as well as selecting more samples. Suggestions for further studies includes the study of the relationship between STEM career interests and parental influence, career alignment and job satisfaction, career alignment and job motivation, career alignment and achievement and productivity, gender characteristics and job satisfaction as well as career alignment and life satisfaction.
Keywords: Career Interests, Holland, STEM Careers, Personalities
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Paper Title :: Model for Receiving Tax Reclame in Kupang City
Author Name :: Aplonia Atto || Joritha Naisanu
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 12-16
Billboard tax is one of the sources of Regional Asset Revenue in Kupang City, which until now has not yet reached the target even though many people are doing business productively so that they will be busy using billboards.This study aims to model the advertisement tax revenue in the city of Kupang. This research will be carried out at the Kupang City Regional Revenue Service office from January to June 2020. Data collection techniques using study documentation with secondary data types, and to answer the problem and research objectives, regression analysis is used. The results of the study are: Analysis using a two-way t test shows that the variable population and the number of companies have a significant effect on advertisement tax revenue while PDRB does not affect the advertisement tax revenue.
Keywords: Model, Revenue, Advertisement Tax
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Paper Title :: Risk Taking and Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Rivers and Bayelsa States of Nigeria
Author Name :: Obioma Uzoma Onyenma || Miebaka Dagogo Tamunomiebi || John Mark
Country :: Nigeria
Page Number :: 17-23
The study investigated the relationship between risk taking and performance of small and medium enterprises in Rivers and Bayelsa states of Nigeria. The unit of data generation was the firm and the corresponding level of analysis was the macro-level. A total of three hundred and sixty (360) small and medium enterprises studied constituted the study population, and a sample size of one hundred and eighty-six (186) was drawn using the Krejcie and Morgan table. Data was collected through questionnaires distributed to the respondents. Statistical Package for the Social Sciences version 22 was used and inferential statistics such as Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficients, regression and p-values were calculated in order to ascertain the nature and direction of the proposed relations and for testing the stated hypotheses.Results revealed positive and significant relationship between risk taking and measures of small and medium enterprises performance. The study concluded that risk taking led to improved customer satisfaction, growth increment and improved social performance of small and medium enterprises in Rivers and Bayelsa states. The study recommended that small and medium enterprises should apply and adopt risk taking in the operation of their businesses to improve performance.
Keywords: Risk taking, SME performance, growth, customer satisfaction, social performance
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Paper Title :: Performance and Production of Cattle Population and Their Milk Production in YSR Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh
Author Name :: B. Balajinaik || Prof. Srinivasulubayineni
Country :: India
Page Number :: 32-36
Dairy farming as an integral part of agriculture which provides sustainable income and reduces unemployment to a large number of rural poor. Hygienic milking plays a crucial role in profitable dairy enterprise. Milk production in Andhra Pradesh has grown remarkably, but the potential role of dairy farming as a means to increase household cattle animals and generate milk production by increasing the competitiveness of (small-scale) milk production in the state is still far from being realized. For the dairy sector to play this developmental role there is an urgent need to provide the vast majority of small-scale dairy farmers with a quality livestock service package which is affordable, both to the recipients and the providers, and which has maximum impacts on the key production and financial parameters of the predominant farm types. To assess the knowledge of dairy animal owners in improved dairy husbandry practices a field study was undertaken in Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh and the information was collected.
Keywords: YSR kadapa district, cattle population, performance, milk prod
[1]. S. Sreedhar “Milking Managemental Practices and Marketting of Milk in Rayalaseema Region of Andhra Pradesh”, November 2017,p.525
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[5]. Otto Garcia”Dairy economist, Dairy Development Initiative and the IFCN Dairy”, Research Centre, Germany. Email:

Paper Title :: The Defining Qualities of Learner leadership at School Level
Author Name :: Elock Emvula Shikalepo || Selma Ndeyapo Kandjengo
Country :: Namibia
Page Number :: 37-46
Schools are dynamic institutions whose leadership approach draws representation from different constituents of the school. One of the constituents that has received momentum in recent years is learner leadership, which involves giving learners a voice to participate in the management and leadership activities of their schools.The purpose of the study was to establish the qualities essential for learner leadership within a school context, with the aim of cultivating learner leadership structures that draws on learners with established learner leadership qualities. A case study design was used as a methodology for the research, whose sample comprised of a school principal,teachers and learners of Oshana Region. All participants were selected using purposive sampling.The data was collected with document analysis, semi-structured questionnaires, interviews, observation and journaling. The collected data was analysed by establishing themes. The study established that learner leadership is associated with specific human resources capabilities related to influencing, leading, directing and motivating other learners at school. Good learner leadership requires an established learner who is exemplary and a role model for other learners. In addition, learner leadership is about having the power to enforce compliance with school rules and regulations. As informed by traditional theories on leadership,learner leadership can be made possibleby innate qualities as can be evident with individual learners, making them electable candidates to learner leadership positions. It becomes evident that learner leadership comes with specific leadership qualities, begging the need to elect learners to learner leadership structures on the basis of established learner leadership qualities for successful execution of leadership responsibilities.
Keywords: Learner leadership, Learner Representative Council, LRC, Leadership, Management, Learner voice, Learner leader
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Paper Title :: Analysis of Women's Leadership in the Government Bureaucracy
Author Name :: Kretisana Jagi || Joritha Naisanu || Nur Aini Bunyani
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 47-55
Women have been given space and a place to participate, for example in schools or various fields of knowledge and work can be done by women,However, the culture of neglecting women or the culture of patriarchy continues to grow, resulting in the emergence of gender inequalities in various fields, especially in the field of bureaucracy. In connection with the tendency of gender injustice in the bureaucracy. One of the indicators for assessing the improvement of gender justice in the bureaucracy is by measuring the presence of women in the bureaucratic work unit which is portrayed from the number, distribution and composition of civil servants. The purpose of this study is to describe the role of women in the bureaucracy and to analyze their role in bureaucratic leadership. This study used descriptive qualitative method. This research was conducted in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, especially in the government bureaucracy of East Nusa Tenggara Province. The focus of the research is women officials in structural echelon II, III and IV positions in 2017-2018. The main data source of this study were the informants who were selected purposive. Data collection techniques in research used in the study of Women's Leadership Analysis in the Bureaucracy are in-depth interviews and study of written documents. The data analysis technique used in this research is data reduction, data display, and verification. The results showed that women's access to the NTT provincial government bureaucracy experienced inequality. From the research data, it shows that women actually have a leadership style that is able to bring organizations to achieve their common goals. By using an analysis of the Servan leadership style in the NTT provincial government SKPD, women's leadership shows a good listening attitude to subordinates, has empathy, conceptuality, the ability to serve and is always committed to human growth.
Keywords: Leadership, Women, Bureaucracy
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Paper Title :: Stress Management Training for Class X Students SMK 7 YOGYAKARTA
Author Name :: Srimulyani Imran || Nurfitria Swastiningsih
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 56-60
This study aims to see the effect of stress management training on class X students. The training is conducted so that students can manage stress appropriately so that stress decreases and can be more productive in school. The study uses a quantitative approach, with a sampling technique that is purposive sampling. The sample of this study was six students of class X SMKN 7 Yogyakarta who was experiencing stress. The measuring instrument used was the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS) scale, consisting of 42 items. The analysis uses Friedman's different tests, to see the differences between the three groups, namely the pretest, posttest, and follow-up groups. The results showed that there were no significant differences between the pretest, posttest, and follow-up scores. This means that the interventions provided do not have a significant effect on reducing stress levels in students.
Keywords: Stress; Group Discussion, Psychoeducation, Relaxation
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[5]. Elviana, F, Pengaruh Layanan Bimbingan Kelompok Teknik Diskusi Terhadap Coping Stres Akademik Siswa Kelas VII di SMP Swasta Pembangunan Galang Tahun Ajaran 2015/2016 (Doctoral dissertation, UNIMED), 2016.

Paper Title :: Satisfaction of teaching alternative basketball skills on 5th & 6th graders
Author Name :: Masadis, Gr. || Bebetsos, E. || Kouli, O. || Lemonidis, N. || Mavridis, G. || Bizetas, St. || Karagiannidou, V. || Rokka, St. || Samara, E. || Varsami, D. || Filippou, F.
Country :: Greece
Page Number :: 61-67
The purpose of this work was to explore the receiving satisfaction of elementary school students from their participation in the physical education course and more specifically during the teaching of basketball techniques through three different methods. In addition, gender was examined as a factor in differentiating satisfaction. The survey included 387 students attending the 5th and 6th grade of 12 elementary schools from all over Greece. The intrusive program was 8 weeks long with a teaching frequency of 1 course lasting 45min/ week. The teaching methods used were a. teaching to groups of students with the same type of intelligence, b. the guided discovery method and the teamwork method and c. the method of command. The Greek version of the physical activity satisfaction class questionnaire was used to collect the research data. For the statistical analysis of the data, descriptive statistics data were used, two-way Univariate Analysis of Variance and reliability analysis (Cronbach’s α) was carried out. Statistical analysis of the research data shows that: a. students who were taught basketball techniques in groups with the same type of intelligence, teamwork method and guided discovery were more satisfied compared with the students who have been taught them by the command method. b. satisfaction recruiting is not differentiated from gender. Analysis of the research data concludes that a. the teaching method is a factor in the differentiation of the degree of satisfaction; b. student-centric teaching methods contribute to maximizing the degree of satisfaction. c. gender is not a factor in diversifying pupil satisfaction.
Keywords: class attendance, mastery experiences, normative success physical education
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Paper Title :: A Study on Growth of Over the Top (OTT) Video Services in India
Author Name :: Tripti Kumari
Country :: India
Page Number :: 68-73
Management: The entrance of Over the Top services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar in India has caused turmoil in the entertainment industry. Today OTT players have become part of mainstream media and thus influenced the viewing behavior of consumers all over the world. The recent affair between internet and entertainment has not only changed the mode of content distribution but has also impacted the nature of content creation.
The present study aims to understand the changes in pattern of content consumption behavior of consumer after the introduction of OTT services in India and the factors contributing to the success of OTT services. Convenience sampling technique was used for the study and response from 106 respondents (N = 106) were collected through online survey questionnaire.
The findings of the study shows that majority of users (88%) agrees that emergence of OTT platforms have affected their television and movie watching habits. Smart phones are the most preferred device for watching OTT channels and majority of viewers are night time users. The analysis presents that affordable internet connection is the most important technological reason for the growth of OTT services in India. Majority of users are satisfied with the content and quality of service of OTT services. Other important factors which significantly contribute to the growth of OTT services are cost, ease of use, convenience and user customization. The findings of the study not only provides an insight on the most important factors contributing to the success of OTT services but also the reasons for people not adopting to OTT services. Content openness, cost and lack of technological readiness are emerging as major barriers in adoption of OTT services in India. The present study suggests that the future of OTT services is bright in India and present users as well as non users are willing to use OTT services in future.
Keywords: OTT services, India, entertainment, television, growth factors
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Paper Title :: Effect of Service Quality, Brand Image, and Promotion of DigitalWokee Savings on Customer Satisfaction PT Bank BukopinTbk Jakarta Saharjo Branch
Author Name :: Rizki Muzakir || Ririn Wulandari
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 74-83
This study aims to analyze the effect of service quality, brand image, and promotion on customer satisfaction in Wokee Bank Bukopin's digital savings customers. The results of the study using primary data in the form of a questionnaire to 295 Wokee Bank Bukopin digital savings customers using multiple linear regression methods indicate that service quality, brand image, and promotions have a positive and significant effect on customer satisfaction. There is a positive and significant influence between service quality, brand image, and promotion on customer satisfaction, seen from the results of multiple linear regression analysis, service quality has a regression coefficient of 0.254, brand image has a regression coefficient of 0.199, and promotion has a regression coefficient of 0.175, p. this shows that the quality of service, brand image, and good promotions will increase customer satisfaction for Wokee Bank Bukopin's digital savings. The results showed that the quality of service, brand image, and promotions had been well felt and responded to by customers according to their respective objectives. The quality of service provided to customers has the highest influence in increasing customer satisfaction for Wokee Bank Bukopin's digital savings.
Keywords: digital saving,servicequality, brandimage, promotion, customersatisfaction
[1]. K. Basuki and N. Devi, "The Influence of Brand Image and Sales Promotion on Customer Satisfaction with Customer Trust as an Intervening Variable at PT Allianz Life Indonesia in Jakarta," International & National Online Journal. III (2), pp. 74-88, 2016.
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Paper Title :: Child Forced Marriage in the Perspective of Indonesia’s Criminal Law
Author Name :: Riskyanti Juniver Siburian
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 84-87
Based on World Health Organization’s report in 2002, it is stated that child marriage is considered as a form of sexual abuse, since marrying at a young age means that the child should encounter sexual intercourse when he/she is actually not ready thus engage it with fear. This situation of child marriage has been going on in Indonesia since years ago and there are so many reasons rooting for its substance. Even in 2018, Indonesia has been ranked as one of the top ten country with the highest rate of child marriage globally, which based on The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, child marriage is considered the same as child forced marriage since the child her/himself could not expressed full, free and informed consent. Therefore, this research used normative-juridical method that aims to understand how the criminal law in indonesia regulates child force marriage.
Keywords: Child Forced Marriage, Criminal Law, Indonesia
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Paper Title :: El Santuario Del Plá De Petracos: Arte, Arqueoastronomía Y Mitología De Los Cazadores Y Recolectores De La Edad De Piedra En Alicante, España
Author Name :: Pedro Juan Urbano Cardona
Country :: Spain
Page Number :: 88-96
El santuario del Plá de Petracos, en Castell de Castells, Alicante, es un conjunto de abrigos con arte rupestre o parietal que representa unas figuras pintadas muy singulares y simbólicas que le confiere un alto valor artístico, histórico, antropológico y científico, casi comparable a la Sala de los Bisontes de la cueva de Altamira. Dicho estilo artístico, denominado arte Macroesquemático por presentar las figuras un formato con los rasgos esenciales que le caracterizan y un tamaño casi natural, se concentra en una decena de yacimientos del norte montañoso de la provincia de Alicante, pero es en Petracos donde encuentra su máximo exponente. Gracias a los nuevos hallazgos arqueológicos obtenidos en la cercana cueva de Santa Maira, en Castell de Castells, y a un análisis novedoso con el programa informático Stellarium, el Plá de Petracos, con el presente trabajo y otros recientemente publicados, se convierte en un santuario arqueoastronómico que pone de manifiesto los conocimientos de los pueblos cazadores y recolectores finipaleolíticos y pospaleolíticos sobre el cielo nocturno, suponiendo un cambio de paradigma en la interpretación y la cronología que se le asigna.
Keywords: Santa Maira, Göbekli Tepe, Textos de las Pirámides, Dryas Reciente.
[1]. Aura Tortosa, J. E. et al. (2019): “Cordage, basketry and containers at the Pleistocene-Holocene boundary in southwest Europe. Evidence from Coves de Santa Maira (Valencian region, Spain).” Vegetation History and Archaeobotany,
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