Volume 03 - Issue 07

Paper Title :: Design KKNI Curriculum Development in the Study Program in Uin Su Medan
Author Name :: Tetty Marlina Tarigan || Fatimah zahara
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 01-08
In order to improve quality of human resources in one nation so that a national education system is held. The nation gives the widest oppurtunity to each citizen to get education and teaching. With that education and teaching is expected will get knowledge and basic ability as provisions to be good particpate in people’s lives, in the nation and the state. Indonesia adheres unified system or integrated sysyem. The learning outcomes for academic education type, vocational and profession for the same or equivalent qualification levels, even can be equated with the result of nonformal or informal education, it has received attention of KKNI. Because of that, KKNI in Indonesi arranged as a unified qualification framework for all sectors of education, training and employment.
Keywords: Leaning Design, KKNI curriculum
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Paper Title :: Parent Cooperation with Pai Teacher in Instilling Habit of Praying Students in Islam Private Sd Tunas Mekar Medan
Author Name :: Haidir || Dita Ayu R Pratiwi || Mahmud Qazzan Zaki Sinaga || Nurul Fatimah Hasibuan
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 09-14
This study aims to determine (1) Forms of cooperation between parents and teachers in inculcating worship habits of students of the Islamic Elementary School of Tunas Mekar Medan and (2) Obstacles to the cooperation of parents and teachers in inculcating the habits of worship of Islamic elementary students of Tunas Mekar Medan. This type of research is qualitative. The subjects of this study were parents and teachers in instilling the worship habits of students of the Islamic elementary school in Tunas Mekar Medan. The cooperation between parents and teachers in instilling the worship habits of students of the Islamic elementary school in Tunas Mekar Medan. The results of the study are: (1) The form of solid cooperation using tools such as Mutaba'ah Book, Liaison Book, and Social Media Group account. (2) Barriers that occur due to lack of communication that cause children or students forget the tasks that must be done and carried out independently, students often forget to bring mutaba'ah books to school, so teachers find it difficult to know the extent of memorization and reading the Quran for today, Parents also often do not fill in the Mutaba'ah book due to busy work, lack of attention from parents such as forgetfulness, and students also often fill out their own Mutaba'ah books because of the reasons above, namely parents who forget and are busy working.
Keywords: Collaboration between Parents and Teachers, Students' Worship
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Author Name :: Elizabete Farias Lima Silva || Josefa Eliana Souza
Country :: Brasil
Page Number :: 15-20
O artigo tem por objetivo, refletir acerca da influência norte americana no processo de institucionalização da enfermagem brasileira. Optou-se por um estudo histórico, a partir do diálogo com as fontes (imagens, textos acadêmicos, memórias e relatos), no tocante ao caminho trilhado, sob os seguintes aspectos: o movimento sanitáriono Brasil República, onde trataremos de contextualizar o cenário da época, suas aspirações em projetar-se como nação promissora; a influência americana nas ações de promoção à saúde e a enfermagem moderna - enfoque para a influência americana nos diversos setores da sociedade e, por fim, a institucionalização da enfermagem como prática social. Tratou-se de um fenômeno com repercussões no cenário político, econômico e cultural da época, em razão de uma sociedade capitalista que emergia no cenário nacional sob os auspícios da americanização.
Keywords: Educação. Enfermagem. História da Enfermagem.
[1]. BRASIL. Lei nº 775, 06 de agosto de 1949. Dispõe sobre o ensino de enfermagem no País e dá outras providências. Brasília. 1949. Disponível em: Acesso em: 08 dez 2019.
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Paper Title :: Exploring Problems in Teaching and Learning Grammar in EFL Context: A Review Paper
Author Name :: Associate Professor Abdul Kareem Waseel
Country :: Afghanistan
Page Number :: 21-27
This review paper is aimed at exploring problems EFL teachers are facing when teaching and learning the English grammar in the EFL context. Initially, we have critically discussed the importance of teaching and learning grammar and types of grammar teaching. Further, the challenges and obstacles in teaching and learning the grammar, and significant problems that EFL teacher isencountered with their daily life have also been explored with details. The data has been collected from the most reliable online resources such, Elsevier, Willey, Science Direct, Research Gate, Academia, Google Scholar, and SemanticScholar. After collecting data for the title, then we have screened the most significant publications and articles that best supported the title of this research, and later discussed critically. The result of the review revealed that teaching grammar is the essential requirement of learning any foreign language. The legendary types of grammar indicated in this study aredescriptive grammar, prescriptive grammar, and universal grammar, functional grammar, and structural grammar, explicit and implicit instruction.Besides, the most challenging problems within instructing and teaching English grammar in EFL context are the lack of encouragement, teaching and learning have historically been dominated by the grammar-translation process, where the mother tongue of the learners have been used widely. Teaching through Implicit/explicit way instruction, grammatical learning difficulties and linguistic features are problems in teaching and learning the English language. On the other hand, the prominent problems and challenges that EFL teachers are facing are teachers‟ beliefs in teaching grammar, problems of handling large classes, problems of handling mixed background classes, problems of time limitation, lack of linguistic knowledge, lack of a coherent theoretical underpinning for the place of grammar in the curriculum, Lack experience, lack of knowledge on understanding students‟ needs, Teachers‟ low proficiency levels, or their lack of confidence in their ability, and teacher‟ declination in recognizing and reconciling prescriptive and rhetorical conceptualizations of grammar.
Keywords: Problems, Instructing, Learning, Grammar, EFL Context
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Paper Title :: As Independências Das Américas Espanholas E A Escolha Da Forma De Governo Republicana
Author Name :: Paula Regina Pereira dos Santos Marques Dias || Marcelo Máximo Purificação
Country :: Brazil
Page Number :: 28-34
This paper aims to reflect on the choice of the republican form of government in the historical context of the post-revolutionary revolutions of Spanish America, as well as to present the characteristics of these republics, in the sense of representation, popular sovereignty, citizenship, among others. In this way, through a bibliographical research, with analysis of texts, it was tried to emphasize that the choice of the republican form of government was influenced directly by the theories of Montesquieu and Rousseau, with some own positions of the people, like not separating the Church from the State , and erroneously be guided by the critique of Montesquieu's theory that monarchy was not an option of representativeness of the people. It is understood, therefore, that the choice of the republican form of government was guided by historical contexts of new ideals, in favor of the liberties so emphasized in the French Revolution, republican theories of the time, currents of thought that passed between the main leaders, introduced in a scenario of absence of the monarch of the Spanish throne.
Keywords: Independence. Spanish America. Republic.
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Paper Title :: The English Training for Youth with Problem-Based Learning Model
Author Name :: I NyomanRajin Aryana || I Made Rai Jaya Widanta
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 35-43
This article is entitled English training for youth with Problem-Based learning model. The participants involved in this study were 13 youth from two villages, DesaAdatadangLuwih and DesaBelantih. The training was divided into two different subjects, English for Tourism given for participants in Dalung village and English for Agriculture was given for participants from Belantih village. The trainings were undertaken for about three months. Upon the trainings, there were some outputs obtained, such as learning modules for both groups of learner, SOP for carrying out problem-based learning and handy books for both groups. Achievement of participants were also measured three times, namely T1 (prior training test), T2 (during-the- training test), and T3 (upon-the-training test). Clearly, all participants could successfully obtain good mark.
Keywords: English learning, problem-based learning model, youth
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Paper Title :: The Importance of Paragraph Writing: An Introduction
Author Name :: Omid Wali || Dr. Abdul Qayum Madani
Country :: Afghanistan
Page Number :: 44-50
Writing and putting an accurate word on a paper is quite an easy task, but writing a sentence is a bit difficult. Writing a paragraph is the most difficult academic activity. It is much more required as compared to any other activity in the writing skill of any language. To know and organize a paragraph in a coherent, cohesive and united way, it means that you know and have the command on the foundation in any pyramid of academic writing. Writing a simple cover letter, an academic essay, thesis or dissertation is impossible in a case when you as a writer do not have sound and practical knowledge on paragraph writing. The length of paragraph depends on the writer. It is varied from a single sentence to a full page. Starting with a few simple sentences on a paper is not enough. Instead, you need to make it sure that your paragraph is based on good coherence, cohesion and unity. This paper is an introductory attempt to present the art of paragraph writing for the language students of Nangarhar University after they are found to be weaker in writing than other language skills.
Keywords: Paragraph, Writing, Nangarhar University, Characteristics.
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Paper Title :: Quran Insight on Human Beings in the Story of Adam
Author Name :: Abd. Halim Nasution
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 51-60
The view of human beings has always been the basis and direction in building a coherence-advanced concept, having a major role in building theories on how human treatment is established. The Koran through the story of Adam US illustrates how Qur’an insights about humans. This study was carried out with a synthetic analytical approach with thematic method (Maudu'i) by reviewing the story of Adam as in the Koran. Human beings as a biological creature (Basyar) inherit the anatomy and physiology model of Adam as, which in the Jamani has biological blindness, breed and conducts distribution, responsibility, and has a tendency to do destructive deeds. As caliph, leader, ruler and the Earth, the Lord gave Adam and his firmness, the potential of knowledge and to be grounded, liberties and freedom to do, but the presence of different poles in human beings tend to the goodness and evil of the people who do not behave.
Keywords: Quran Insight, Human Being, Story of Adam
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Paper Title :: Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (Parliamentary Debates on General Dyer) A Centenary Reassessment
Author Name :: Somya
Country :: India
Page Number :: 61-65
An investigation of the Parliamentary debates on General Dyer might help a researcher uncover the inhumane colonial psyche and offer fresh insights into comprehending the dynamics of colonial brutality in India with greater depth. A reconstruction of the debates that followed in the British Parliament can be one way to situate the massacre in the British Raj‟s outlook of retribution and their need to repress the growing native discontent. The reprehensible act of brute force to prevent the purported Indian sedition from spreading, and the blatant justification of General Dyer‟s cold blooded killings in the British Parliamentary Debates can well expose and render a true picture of the Empire‟s deep rooted racism and colonial prejudice. A reconstruction of the same is perhaps inevitable and revisiting the same might allow us comprehend how no amount of denouncement and censure of General Dyer‟s idiosyncratic act of can wipe out the excruciating memories of an incident that continues to be viewed as irrational till date, with no rational justification whatsoever of the brutal violence of British imperialism.
Keywords: Parliamentary Debates, General Dyer, Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, colonial brutality
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Paper Title :: Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy to Increase Adolescent Self-Concept
Author Name :: Vicka Pramadifta || Rinova Cahyandari
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 66-69
Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) is a therapy that attempts to change irrational beliefs into rational so that the subject has a feeling of worth, acceptance and is able to optimize the potential possessed. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of REBT to improve self-concepts in self-harm junior high school students. Therapy lasts for 10 hours which are presented in 5 sessions and each session lasts for 2 hours. The research subjects were five junior high school students who practiced self-harm. Data collection methods use self-concept scale, assignment sheets, homework assignments and interviews. Analysis of the data used is non-parametric statistics, the comparative test (Mann Whitney and Wilcoxon) to compare changes in the pretest and posttest self-concept scores. The results show that rational emotive behavior therapy is effective in improving self-concept. The sample in this study were five junior high school students.
Keywords: REBT, Self-Concept, self-harm
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Paper Title :: Logotherapy to Reduce Stress Level for Pre Elderly
Author Name :: Atsarina, Cindy Husna || Hidayah, Nurul
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 70-73
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of logotherapy to reduce stress levels in pre elderly. The study subjects are 7 participants with criteria for elderly women and had moderate stress levels obtained from screening using the PSS-10 (Perceived Stress Scale) which had a validity of 0.84. The results of this study indicate that there are significant differences (Z -2,214, P = 0.027) in the stress score before therapy (M =21.14, SD = 3,579) and after therapy (M = 16.00, SD = 4.123). Based on these statistical data, it can be concluded that logotherapy can reduce stress levels in the elderly.
Keywords: Logotherapy, stress, pre elderly
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Paper Title :: How to Reduce Oppositional Defiant in Adolescent?
Author Name :: Pratiwi, Widya Ananda || Purnamsari, Alfi
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 74-78
This study aims to determine the effectiveness of self control training to reduce oppositional defiant in adolescent. The subjects were 6 students both from SMP X Yogyakarta with criteria for students had moderate to high oppositional defiant levels. The results showed that there were significant diffenrences with Z score=-2.214 and p=0.027 (p<0.05) and it means the hypothesis accepted. The conclusions showed that self control training was effective to reduce oppositional defian in adolescent.
Keywords: self control training, oppositional defiant, adolescent.
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Paper Title :: Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Labour Market
Author Name :: Mariana Bălan || Elena Pelinescu
Country :: Romania
Page Number :: 79-91
The crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has tragic consequences for the health as well as for the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.The restrictive measures taken by national governments in response to the pandemic affect the professional activity of millions, or even billions, of people. The major economic consequences of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic can be seen in particular in the labour market, as the impact is both on the supply side (manufacturing) and on the demand side (consumption). Some short-term effects, which are already being observed and analyzed, include massive job losses, reduced work time for employees and measures implemented by governments to financially support companies in difficulty.The current crisis has led to a transformation of the labour market. An immediately visible change is the sudden shift to work from home in which companies and organizations had to develop / impose work from home policies. In addition to the increase in home-based work, and the increase in digitalisation in relations with state institutions, this crisis is expected to trigger, in the future, some permanent changes in the labour market and economic restructuring processes imposed by the vulnerabilities highlighted by the pandemic at country level.This paper presents a brief comparative analysis of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labour market worldwide and in Romania.
Keywords: pandemic, labour market, unemployment, impact
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Paper Title :: Analysis of Business Performance Improvement through Grounded Business Coaching Entrepreneurship Training in the Eminet Entrepreneurship Community
Author Name :: Qurrota Ayun Devie Elfahmi || Sudarmiatin || Wening Patmi Rahayu
Country :: Indonesia
Page Number :: 92-98
This study used a qualitative approach to the type of multi-case study in the eminet entrepreneurship community. Data collection procedures used in-depth interviews, participatory observation, and study documentation. Data analysis used an interactive model. The results showed the impact of Grounded Business Coaching (GBC) on improving business performance. GBC did not increase new knowledge for participants who had attended training, did not improve technical skills, formed a corporate mindset, and did not improve financial or non-financial performance. While the business performance obtained from the GBC training is to improve financial performance for business owners, increase the number of new customers, influence the internal management processes in developing business, and improve managerial and leadership capabilities.
Keywords: Business Performance, Entrepreneurship, Grounded Business Training, Eminet Entrepreneurship Community.
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Paper Title :: Representation of Women in Iraj’s Music Videos Special Reference To Ashawari, Wassane Heene And Cleopatra
Author Name :: G.M.K Gunarathne || Dr, Rev. C.P Rajendram
Country :: Sri Lanka
Page Number :: 99-102
Ever since the advent of the music video in the early 1980s, there has been a continuous array of commentary and analysis regarding its content and form. A trend and issue in the music industry is the Sexualization of the female body within song lyrics, photos, advertisement, music videos and live performances. Previous research has demonstrated that women are objectified and sexualized in music videos. This content analysis addressed the question of whether the bodies and sexuality of women were portrayed differently in Iraj’s music videos. Music videos were coded for women’s character roles, and visual performances of sexuality. Videos were also coded for specific ways women’s bodies were objectified or sexualized through camera shots and angles. Three music videos which are produced by Iraj were analyzed in this study. Coding sheets and content analysis have been used scene by scene which women appeared in music videos. This study seeks to prove that women are sexually objectified in Iraj music videos. Objectification theory provides an important framework for understanding, researching, and intervening to improve women’s lives in a sociocultural context that sexually objectifies the female body and equates a woman’s worth with her body’s appearance and sexual functions.
The content analysis conducted shows that sexual imagery is a common feature of music videos. Result of the study indicate that Iraj portrayed women characters in stereotypical way through characters’ roles and using of different camera shots, movement and angles.
Keywords: Music video, Sexual Objectification, women in media, Iraj Weerarathne
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Paper Title :: A Case Application of Equivalence-Based Instruction to Teach Idiomatic Expressions to a Child with Neurofibromatosis Type-1
Author Name :: Kristopher Brown || Mary Brown
Country :: USA
Page Number :: 103-110
Previous research indicates equivalence-based instructioncan be applied to teach a variety of educational and language skills to children. The current project examined the application of equivalence-based instruction to teach three sets of idiomatic expressions of emotion to a five-year-old male with neurofibromatosis type 1. Relations between the emotion, a standard idiomatic expression, and a color-based idiomatic expression were taught directly using a standard discrete trial training procedure. Post-tests indicated that the child reliably acquired symmetrical relations between the name of the emotion and standard and color-basedidioms they corresponded to.Transitiverelationsemerged between standard idiomatic expressionsand color based idiomatic expressions to a lesser extent. The new idiomatic expressions also emerged in relation to a novel picture based on a preexisting relationship between stimuli without additional training. These results were replicated across three sets of stimuli.Limitations and future directions for research are discussed.
Keywords: stimulus equivalence, idiomatic expressions, language training, neurofibromatosis type 1
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